Why I Created This Program

I’ve created this “exclusive coaching program” specifically for the phenomenal modern woman‘s evolution by focusing on her transformation, living out her purpose and leadership. We’re in such a critical season right now as the whole world has been destabilised. It’s about who we are now and who we will be when it’s all over.


Have you ever asked yourself why it’s so hard to do the little things that will improve and transform your life? Despite the disruption caused by this global pandemic, as human beings we tend to put off so many things off for later. This season has taught us so much, one of the major things is time really isn’t on our side.  Join me on this journey as I unpack it all for you.

Why You Need This

Listen, let me tell you, “everyone is fighting a war you don’t even know about. So how about I war with you?” I’m here to serve and that’s why I’m coming to you.

Let this be the season you birth a higher and better version of yourself. What separates us is transformation, the possibilities and consistency in action taking. Transformation should never stop, physically and emotionally. Marry the ideas in your head with physical action. 

Program Summary Details

Having said all this, I’m so glad we live in a world that allows technology to keep up connected. I’ve since created an exclusive platform specifically for the “PHENOMENAL MODERN WOMAN”,  were she can fully be expressive, inspired, edified, uplifted, given practical tools and resources to help her on a day to day adventurous journey through life. Let’s embark on a transformational journey into becoming the next best version of yourself in your specific arena.


Apply to be in Loveness’ aka “Game Changer Junkie’s “exclusive coaching program” and take your life to dimensional heights. It’s a 12 weeks program where we will focus on :



1.  Mindset mapping 


2. Given new tools and a strategy in place


3.  Redefining your purpose


4.  Transformation process


5.  Leadership skills


6.  Evaluation for the purpose of progress


7.  Propelling to the next dimension of yourself

Claim Your Spot Now

Game Changer Junkie’s one to one client service :


1.  Weekly online video or telephone coaching sessions with Loveness aka Game Changer Junkie. Coaching sessions last between 60 – 90 minutes.


2.  Assignments to help you achieve your set goals


3.  A tailored strategic plan and support with brunching in your specific arena


4.  Unlimited access to me and email support throughout the entire 12 weeks


5.  Progress monitoring and new ventures introduced


6.  Support to help you develop and maintain a positive attitude and the ability to keep going until you reach your desired goals.


Are you ready to be coached and trained by the Game Changer Junkie?


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