MUCH from the LOSSES

We all want these victories and can even picture them but no one enjoys facing losses and neither do we openly talk about those low moments leading to the victories we yearn for. The pressures we feel, the incredible letdowns every time we fail or feel stuck, the countless breakdowns and the excruciating pain that cuts us so deep within our souls. It’s truly insane but finding a healthy equilibrium in embracing all these forms of losses together with the victories is what’s important and remembering why we’re on that adventurous journey called life in the first place will definitely and eventually pull us back on track.

When we experience loss in the form of failure, struggles or crisis, as human beings we tend to reject it or look for quick fixes so as to get up as fast as we can. Only because we assume and feel that we shouldn’t be experiencing any of it, so we try to purge it all off. But we fail to realise that the experiences and the lessons learned from those losses are the most outstanding pieces which had been missing from the puzzle. The puzzle of our adventurous journeys through life. But we will only get to experience those profound and outstanding lessons if and when we gain access to each unique piece through seeing beyond the form of loss by being brave and courageous enough to show up no matter what. So this book does not only address the forms of losses in one’s life, particularly mine but the transformation which brings lasting change. The gains from those travails.

So in short, this book talks about family dynamics, abuse, relationship dysfunctions, deaths, struggles, immigration faces and it’s controversies, self realization, financial constraints and how it all became “The Treasure Map” To My Hidden Greatness.

I hope this book triggers that one thing that will transfer or change your life for the better. Happy reading and let the transformation begin


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