Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes. She get broken into pieces, get wounded and bleed, feel pain to the core, cry and scream profusely but still has faith in her destiny and so today…SHE RISES

She is a combination of beauty and brains. She embraces and celebrates her uniqueness and elegance with simplicity through her core values and principles. She is a renaissance being in her diverse pursuits as an entrepreneur, transformational speaker and an author of the transformational memoir (MUCH from the LOSSES) She is the one and only Game Changer Junkie Strategist. Dedicated to helping multitudes of people embrace their uniqueness for transformation and lasting change, mainly in their Purpose Awakening and Unleashing their Sensual Beauty.

She is a transparent writer, known by multitudes of people online by her spiritual cheerleader name as the “Game Changer Junkie”. She is a Game Changer Junkie Active Blogger with a following of self acclaimed Game Changer Junkies around the world.

Her upcoming transformational memoir has brought opportunities of having the honour of meeting the likes of Mr Piers Morgan at the ITV studios, one of the icons of television and media. She has also met Lady Michelle Mone, the Baroness of Mayfair London OBE. An award winning entrepreneur and an author. Loveness has shared the stage with Dr Pauline Long, Europe’s most powerful woman for changing lives through BEFFTA, director/producer, TV and radio presenter.

Loveness has been featured on radio shows as a “phenomenal woman” and on the national television, on the Pauline Long Show to talk about her upcoming transformational memoir and on becoming a Game Changer Junkie. Most recently featured on BBC radio amongst other international radio stations and newspapers to talk about the ‘Loveness Collection’ she just released.