“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be, by Maya Angelou”

About ME

Like a phoenix, she rises from the ashes. She get broken into pieces, get wounded and bleed, feel pain to the core, cry and scream profusely but still has faith in her destiny and so today…SHE RISES She is a combination of beauty and brains.


She embraces and celebrates her uniqueness and elegance with simplicity through her core values and principles. She is a renaissance being in her diverse pursuits as an entrepreneur, transformational speaker and an author of the transformational memoir (MUCH from the LOSSES)


She is the one and only Game Changer Junkie Strategist. Dedicated to helping multitudes of people embrace their uniqueness for transformation and lasting change, mainly in their Purpose Awakening and Unleashing their Sensual Beauty.


Loveness, the one and only Game Changer Junkie Strategist, noted speaker on topics related to “Purpose Awakening; Love and Relationships”. She inspires, motivates and teaches how mastering the two will lead to transformation, lasting change and a fulfilled life of oneself (click on videos to watch some of her work)


Loveness is a transparent writer of the transformational memoir “Much from the Losses”. She is a Game Changer Junkie Active Blogger with a following of self acclaimed Game Changer Junkies around the world. Helps people identify their own uniqueness for transformation and lasting change through her daily writings and weekly blog posts.


Loveness is the shining example of how flair and true grit can pave way to global success. The unrelenting budding entrepreneur, Loveness recently launched a collection of “luxurious sensual products” for both women and men alike. This collection was mainly created to help enhance uniqueness, promote self love and to introduce fun and pleasure in relationships, giving couples that aphrodisiac experience. Her passion for creating this legacy was triggered by emotional pain from her childhood, great losses encountered, frustrations in relationships and a hectic lifestyle. Many of the defining moments of her life! She knew she had to find a way to demystify this once and for all. ”It’s about knowing your mystical being and embracing your uniqueness inside out, believing in yourself and the pleasure that it brings in knowing you can make a difference in the world.” Says Loveness. As the Founder of Loveness Collection, she is taking the brand from zero to hero, transforming and evolving it from an initial idea and concept into one of the UK’s leading “sensual collection”. With new ventures consistently on the horizon, Loveness shows no sign of slowing down in the business world and has already started expanding her collection.

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